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Growing up on a small natural farm, involvement in health and wellness was always important to me. Thus I decided to pursue a career in healthcare and drove myself toward extensive studies in Kinesiology. Through life experiences, I began to develop a strong interest in the hospitality industry. It was there that I learned how much I loved to interact with others and sparked an interest in learning about other cultures and people. To further explore this interest, I started traveling widely and became interested in the arts and cultures of various countries from all over the globe. I soon realized my ability to connect, handle and adapt to people.

To combine my two great interests of meeting new people and an appreciation for art, I decided to pursue a career in Project Management where through my work as an event organizer, creative director, and marketing coordinator, I have been able to gain valuable experience in this field. The experience has given me the capacity to manage large teams and see them through to completion, even under pressure. In addition, my ability to be detail-oriented and work within as well as lead teams has always been a skill that has helped me along the way. I bring a unique perspective and a constant zeal to learn from each project.

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